Welcome to Old North State Sutlery

I want to make affordable, hand-detailed Civil War Uniform for you. I construct my garments with special attention to details found on 19th century clothing. I believe that hand detailing adds a genuine touch to every garment. When I make a garment that was made by hand I make sure that all visible stitching is hand sewn, I strive for quality in my garments, not quantity; thus some items may be more expensive than some of the other less discerning merchants. My garments are made with a high degree of attention to period correct details and are constructed using traditional methods when possible. Only period appropriate fabrics are used on my garments. All of the buttonholes on every garment that I make is sewn by hand. I make each garment after it is ordered. Authenticy is worth waiting for. Thank you for visiting my website.

Mark Wadsworth, Tailor
CELL (407)247-2852